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Clean up crew by the gallon

  • 350

Nice general assortment of reef safe snails and hermits covers 5 gallons. Just take the number of gallons your tank is and divide by 5 that's how many of these packs to order.

Assortment of 5 animals per 5 gallon may include a mix of  astrea turbos, chestnuts, nassarious,LG nassarious,xl ceriths, nerites, star snails,orange snails, rock climbing hermits,blue leg hermits white or black shell,star eyed hermits,orange claw hermits...all reef safe animals that clean sand,algae,rocks,glass etc


You can order mix without hermits 

Use our ADD ON specialized clean up crew pack to supplement this general of these packs per 50gallon . Help with hair algae,red algae,aptasia ,sand stirring etc


2 peppermint shrimp

1 pink urchin

1 emerald crab

1 serpent star 

1 Florida fighting conch

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