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About Us

 Mike has been collecting Marine Life in Florida waters for over 25 years.He is one of fifty collectors who are legally able to do so by diving.He deals with wholesalers all over the US.Shipping critters that he hand collects from Tampa Bay to the Fla Keys.Mike was Born In Clearwater, Fla and was catching small fish along Clearwater's Beach splashing them up on the white sandy beach as a small boy; little did he know it would become his way of Life~
    Mike, has been helping scientific studies and research for such animals as peppermint shrimp and pygmy seahorses, and the invasive lionfish. His knowledge has been sought after for appropriate and safe catch levels by such groups as the Fish and Wildlife Commission  of Florida ,and Florida Marine Life Association
Protecting our natural resources and providing future hobbyist with the chance to know and love the hobby as much as Mike does.
A little video showing how Dwarf Seahorses are collected
Video of mike speaking at FWC meeting about pygmy seahorses, please forward to 3:00 (3 hour mark)
video of Mike speaking at the FWC meeting on dwarf seahorses , please forward approx 1:54 (1 hour 54 min mark)
I met Mike in 2015 when I created and maintained an internet website and presence for his business. Eventually, I started following him on his collection trips and photographing the adventures and sharing with my friends and new customers on facebook. It wasn't long before we fell in love and married in Sept 2016. I still manage all the internet business and connections and website and Mike continues doing what he does best, providing wonderful, unique sea creatures to the hobbyist and teaching new potential hobbyist the joys of aquarium keeping . 
Please share and enjoy our adventures and hobby and if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line  Diane