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Information about shipping and policies

We usually ship ONLY  Monday through Thursday . Holidays affect shipping. Extremes in weather may delay shipping..we want them to arrive alive!!

These are live sea availability fluctuates, we usually fill orders in less than 7 days, however, some may take up to 14 days. If it is going to be longer we will let you know, and you can decide to wait or cancel and refund


We  guarantee live arrival, but you have to do your part too. Make sure you get them within 2 hours of arrival, don't leave them sitting outside or at the fedex place for hours. drip acclimate them over at least 90 min. our salinity is at 1.021-1.023 And if you have a problem or concern, don't notify us 2 days later, let us know as soon as the animals arrive and please provide a picture.
We do replacement or credit only on next order. We do not credit or refund shipping.
we have all marine licenses to collect and sell, and are happy to provide info to anyone who provides id
please look at our other items and if you want something specially created for your tanks needs, just let us know. happy to provide a package just for you. we take special orders
Dry goods..non live items are shipped via ground